2016 Round 2 Race Report – Hankook Formula Vee, Phakisa

The second race meeting of the year saw us all at Phakisa Raceway, Welkom in the Freestate. Qualifying again proved to be really tight, with Gert Van Den Berg on Pole, followed by Peter Hills (Lube Fusion Rhema 2), and then the standout qualifying performance of Luschen Ramchander (Miami Products Forza).

Unfortunately young Liam Pienaar missed the apex on the second sweep due to the 7am rising sun, ran wide and rolled his car on the exit. A big shunt at a fast part of the track. Fortunately the Forza Chassis and safety equipment did their Job, and Liam walked away with nothing more than a slightly bruised ego.

Heat one saw Gert Van Den Berg get away nicely, and into what seemed to be a comfortable lead with Peter, Jaco and Luschen Ramchander in a group just behind.

Gert certainly had the pace as he set the fastest lap of the race, but perhaps being a bit too conservative while being in the lead allowed Peter to catch and pass him a few laps later. Now with Gert having to defend from Jaco and Luschen, Peter managed to just get away and break the tow for a fairly easy win.

Heat two saw Gert with a gearbox issue off the line. Peter’s son, Brandon Hills had to make his start on the grass, as he narrowly avoided Anthony Taylor who also had a gearbox with no functioning second gears.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/rqMxYsujbhI” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Gert went left, and Anthony went right. Geoff Tugwell (Solar Utility Vmax) had another rocket start down the centre to 4th place from 12th. Very unusual territory. Unfortunately he couldn’t hold on, and was even eventually passed by Anthony.

Peter and Jaco had a huge race long battle for the lead, swapping positions every lap, with Gert fighting his way back up through the field. Lots of action and excitement throughout the field, with Lendl Jansen (Bull Security) and Geoff going through the sweeps side by side on a number of laps. Peter eventually won out over Jaco, not for any lack of trying, with Luschen finishing 3rd.

For the overall results of the day, it was Peter first, then Jaco then Gert after just just pipping a very fast and deserving Luschen for third place. (So close Luschen!)

Lendl was voted Driver of The Day, although as usual there were many deserving of the title.