Inland Championships at Zwartkops – 5th of March 2016

There is much excitement abound for the kickoff of the Hankook 2016 National Formula Vee Championship this weekend at Zwartkops Raceway.

With 15 cars entered thus far, we expect a healthy field with perhaps a few stragglers still to join, and of course, much action.

A promising opportunity exists for anyone who has done their preparation in the off season, as neither reigning champion Allan Holm, nor his title challenger Jaco Shricks, will be racing.

Both Peter Hills and Symm Grobler have done it before, and should be chomping at the bit and both have been spotted doing some testing. A man with a slightly different preparation schedule, Greg Wilson (Second in 2014 Title), spent his time on a romantic Island sipping what seemed to be pink drinks. Perhaps with a more relaxed approach he is confident that he can go one better than in 2014. Who knows.

Or perhaps we will even see a new race winner this weekend. Perhaps even one of the new boys. Ross and Travis Rugheimer, who will be debuting with their new cars on the day are very much an unknown quantity, and cars prepared by Dean Nell are fast. Thus perhaps an even bigger than anticipated upset is in store for us.

Either way a promising weekend of exciting action lies ahead, so come down to the circuit and join us for a what will surely be a fantastic days racing.

The day will proceed as follows:

  • Qualifying at 8:00 am
  • Race 1 at 11:30 am
  • Race 2 at 3:20 pm

See you all there!