Jaco Schriks dominates at Zwartkops

Waking on race morning, to steady rain, the first reaction was oh no, how can this happen twice in a row! It did however work out exactly opposite. At the November race meeting, it was dry for qualifying and then rained all day, while this time around, it was wet for qualifying and despite ominous looking clouds hanging around all day, it stayed dry for the rest of the day.

Current and ex Champions hogged the front of the grid, with reigning South African National Champion Jaco Schriks (Bean Child Coffee) Rhema 2, taking pole position, from Peter Hills (Lube Fusion) Rhema 2 and Symm Grobler (Rhema 2). Starting behind them, would be Lendl Jansen (Forza), Gert Van Den Berg (BP Nantes Motors Rhema 2), Lushen Ramchander (Technical Rope Access Forza) and Ross Rugheimer (Rhema 2).

After a race long battle, during which time, positions changed on a regular basis, it was Schriks who came through to take the victory, from Ramchander, Jansen, Peter Hills, Van den Berg, Brandon Hills (Lube Fusion Rhema 1.5), Symm Grobler, Ross Rugheimer, Fred Rugheimer, Shane Helberg (ShanBerg Racing Forza), Theodor Vermark (DOE Quality Parts Vision) and Ben Pienaar (DOE Quality Parts Rhema 2).

The second heat would produce more of the same close racing, with Schriks and Hills locked in battle, at the head of the field and everyone else battling it out behind them. The lap times where incredibly close, with the second heat results revealing that no less than nine driver’s fastest laps, where within less than one second of the quickest lap, with Ramchander recording a lap of 01:09:084 and Van Den Berg, a lap time of 01:09:923. In between them, where Jaco Schriks 01:09:197 Peter Hills 01:09:337, Geoff Tugwell (Vmax) 01:09:511, Ross Rugheimer 01:09:676, Brandon Hills 01:09:767 Lendle Jansen 01:09:789 and Symm Grobler 01:09:883.

Then with a lap to go, Peter Hills was out of shape, coming into Turn 1, for the last time and then went straight across the circuit, through the gravel trap and into the tyres! A link pin in the steering mechanism had broken and he was out of the race.

This left Jaco Schriks, to take his second victory of the day, ahead of Ross Rugheimer, Symm Grobler, Lushen Ramchander, Gert Van Den Berg, Lendl Jansen, Geoffrey Tugwell, Ben Pienaar, Brandon Hills, Fred Rugheimer, Shane Helberg, Theodore Vermark.

One Lap down Peter Hills was still qualified as a finisher, as was a newcomer David Austen (DA Racing Rhema 2).