The Car


A Single seater racing car based primarily on Volkswagen components designed to cater for the serious contender's entry into senior motorsport. Accent is on development of driving talent at an affordable price at full National Championship level.


1400CC standard water-cooled Volkswagen engine as used on the Golf Chico range of vehicles. Limited modifications are permitted such as balancing of all engine components. An identical performance camshaft is used on all cars.


Two side draught Webers 40DCOE on a custom designed manifold.


Standard Volkswagen Type 1 gearbox with controlled ratios.

Front suspension

Standard double beam suspension as used on the Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle and Sedans. Minor modifications allowed to improve performance. Shock absorbers may be mounted inboard with push or pullrod systems.

Rear suspension

Standard Volkswagen Type 1 swing axle system with free modifications on springing and shock absorber layout.


Disc brakes front and rear. Components sourced from the Volkswagen Chico range.


Hankook Semi Slick Tyres - Hankook Z214 C51, 205/55/R14


Tubular space frame.


Fibreglass or aluminum panels

Top speed

Approximately 230 km/h

Minimum mass

525kg including car and driver.


Ready to race cars are available in the price range of R 15 000 to R 120 000