Zwartkops cliffhanger promised

The final round of the Hankook National Formula Vee Championship will take place on 10 November 2018 at Zwartkops Raceway in Pretoria.

After the previous race weekend at Phakisa, this promises to be a cliffhanger. The two main title contenders are split by 14 points and there is still 32 point on offer. Even the man in third has a mathematical chance.

Jaco Schriks (Bean Child Coffee Merchants Rhema 2) goes into the finale as the favourite leading Gert van den Berg (BP Nantes Motors Rhema 2) by 14 points, but as they say, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings! So with both going out to prove why they should be champions, there is a magnitude of guys that can be the fly in the ointment. None more so than third place Lushen Ramchander (TRA D and B Industrial Forza). He is only a further 14 point adrift of van den Berg and still in with a mathematical chance of the title. Other guys in close company will definitely be Peter Hills (Lube Fusion Rhema 2), Lendl Jansen (Bull Security Forza), Ross Rugheimer (Rhema 2), Brandon Hills (Lube Fusion Rhema 1.5). This does not even include Geoff Tugwell (Solar Utility VMax) who had race winning pace at one of the two events he entered this year and ex-champions Symm Grobler (Rhema 2) and Anthony Taylor (Vacuform Rhema 2). All of these can easily mix it up at the front.

Further down, expect a good tussle and dice between father and son Fred and Travas Rugheimer (Rhema 2) as well as Theodore Vermaak (D.O.E. Quality Parts Sting). Shane Helberg (Shanberg Racing Forza) should also make a welcome return after a long honeymoon and hopefully sees him rejuvenated and not exhausted! Roy Douglas is also on the grid for his second event of the year at a track where he has done some testing before and hopefully sees him going well!

Be sure not to miss the event with the finale promising to be a typical close fought affair.

Both the National and the Formula Vee Association Championship is up for grabs and drivers will be all out to prove why they need the prize in this value for money racing category. Join us all at Zwartkops on 10 November to see the Hankook Formula Vee’s in action. The races will also be broadcasted on DSTV Ignition proudly sponsored by RiskSure Insurance Brokers.